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Freddie Funeral

I made a new comic. But this one is kind of different from the others on this site, because I didn’t write it.

The mysterious Duckling Delarosa did…

its called Freddie Funeral, and is about some guy who punches ghosts in the face. http://evilcake.deviantart.com/art/Freddie-Funeral-Page-1-500531249

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The King and Them

I’ve uploaded the 7th Chapter of Under Odyssey

I think this one starts out kind of  weird, but gets good in the middle.


thanks for checkin’ it out.

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A Sixth Sense

Chapter 6 of Under Odyssey is up. http://evilcakecomics.com/comics/UO/6/

This is the first chapter to focus mainly on Lusca >_> Hans and Sophie appear in one panel, I think.

I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you dislike stuff getting ripped in half.

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Authorisharks (chapter 5 up!)

Added a new chapter. I finished this one twice as fast as Chapter 4, and I hope to update once a month at least from now on.

anyways, read it if you’re into that kind of stuff, and thanks

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So in Under Odyssey, I’ve been spelling it “anenome” which is a common mispronunciation or something. Next chapter I’ll start spelling it correctly >_>

Also new Chapter 4 is up.

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Warning to Dolphin Lovers


Chapter 3 of UNDER ODYSSEY is up. However, I must take a moment to warn some people. If you would be deeply disturbed by cartoon images of dolphins dying gruesomely, this comic may not be for you.

but you should probably read it anyways


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Under Odyssey Chapter TWO

New chapter is up on the site.

This one will tell you what everyone’s names are… and introduce another one of the many terrors that lurk beneath the waves in the world of Under Odyssey.

Anyways yeah its got weird fish monsters and dolphins in it.

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Fish Comic

Added a new comic to the site. It is titled Under Odyssey… Its about an odyssey under the sea.



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A new Louise

This chapter doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with any of the other chapters.. It is a Christmas Special. Uploaded on… January 7th…

It’s not late. This is 2014’s Christmas special. Its just extremely early.

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Witch’s Feast

A new comic has been uploaded: Witch’s Feast.

It has the same character that is from my comic Becky the Evil Little Witch, except… the comic is way different. Whereas nothing really happened in Becky, stuff actually does in Witch’s Feast.


It is about a group of kids trying to escape from the castle of a cannibalistic crazy witch lady.

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